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With more than 120 collaborators from 50 countries who work in 35 languages, The Language Department is a single source for any linguistic or cultural expertise you may need to ensure your message is conveyed accurately and effectively to your audience.

At The Language Department we take your brand image seriously.

We provide professional translation and writing services across all channels—print, online and video. We also provide e-marketing services, desktop solutions, website development, digital video and sound, and voice-over talent. In short, we offer everything you would expect from 20 years in the translation, recording and technology industries.

Fields of expertise

At the Language Department we take your branding image seriously –print, online and video. We can provide your professional translation, proofreading and writing requirements across all channels:

Services Provided

We are your Language Department and together, with our experience, you can offer, as your own, a wide range of services to satisfy your client’s needs.

Our clients

RPMC — Beachbody — Junicon Consulting — Camoplast — World Trade Center Barcelona — Gestió i Serveis Trade Center — LatinArt.com — Tricon Energy — What Is Blick — DaVita — Leslie Iwerks Productions — English Get It — Mariachi USA — Laufer PR — China Commerce Consulting — General Dynamics Information Technology & MUCH MORE

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